Mechanical Engineering & Design
Our untold thousands of engineering and design projects over the last 50 years have been wide and varied. Here is a brief overview of a few of them.

Machine Design
As one of our specialties, we have designed thousands of machines for hundreds of companies; everything from single-operation machinery to multi-station automated production lines; one-of-a-kind specialty and proprietary mass production systems.

Tire Mold Design
Working with both large, multi-national tire companies and with smaller specialty manufacturers, we have partnered in the design of a countless number and broad spectrum of tire molds.

Mold Design
We have designed thousands of industrial molds for a wide variety of clients; from steam-jacketed compression molds and multi-cavity injection molds, to close-tolerance die-cast metal molds.

Value Engineering
Hottle & Associates has frequently been engaged to examine and redesign old systems to decrease fabrication costs, updating the technology and unlocking hidden efficiencies. We are equally conversant in redesigning systems to decrease fabrication costs.

We've designed tools, jigs and fixtures for everything from the manufacture of the world's largest earth-moving equipment, to extremely close-tolerance qualifying fixtures for mission-critical military aircraft parts.

Process Piping Systems
Process piping comes in wide scales of complexities. So does our process piping experience. We've created simple systems and intricate, facility-wide networks. Our piping systems have included air, water, steam, and all types of chemicals.

Material Handling
Hottle & Associates has helped numerous clients solve a wide variety of material handling challenges, from in-line raw material feeding systems to some of the largest warehousing and distribution centers in the world. Applying our expertise in systems efficiency, we've devised state-of-the-art automated material handling solutions that simultaneously and efficiently monitor, sort, stack and load hundreds of thousands of units.